The Latest from West View Cunningham

Featured Team Member: Sales & Operations Supervisor Andrew Borkowski

Andrew Borkowski, whose family has been active in the business for decades, remains your contact in Parkersburg..

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Featured Team Member: Sales Engineer Patrick Taylor

For the past four years, Patrick Taylor has been sweetening the customer experience. While tending to his sales.

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Being Everything to Everyone Has Its Advantages

Sometimes, a business offers a product or service by design, and sometimes it “drifts” into a specialty area that.

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Selecting Right-Sized Pumps is Critical to Productivity

At some point along the way, you’ve probably said that a vehicle was “too much car” for what you need or that a.

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Company Highlight: Environmentally Conscious

Since we celebrated Earth Day in April, we wanted to take the time to highlight a few ways our organization ensures we.

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