Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pump Technology & Minimizing Friction

WestViewC-LOGO-300x108No matter what kind of fluids you’re moving, you want the process to operate as efficiently as possible. You can help your pump function at its best with proper maintenance and care. While regular maintenance can prevent unexpected problems such as leakage, your pump will always experience some resistance in the form of friction. Friction is a common factor contributing to energy loss while pumping fluid. Some amount of friction is inevitable, but there are a few ways you can reduce it and improve the overall efficiency of your pump.


Common Causes of Friction Loss

Friction affects the pumping process in more ways than you might expect. Once you have identified the main cause behind your energy loss due to friction, you can begin solving the problem and reducing friction. Energy loss from friction can occur between the liquid and the interior walls of the pipe. The more rough the surface of the pipe, the higher the losses due to friction. High viscosity liquids are likely to cause higher friction losses than low viscosity liquids. Sharp redirects in the form of valves, fittings, and reducers can negatively affect your pump efficiency. Pipe size can also impact energy loss. Longer pipes and pipes with small diameters increase friction.


AODD Pump Technology

For most of these problems, you can find a simple solution: increasing pipe diameter, decreasing the roughness of the surface of your pipes, or minimizing the length and redirects of your pipes. If the main cause for your energy loss is a high viscosity fluid, however, you may want to consider switching to a pump that uses air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) technology. Regardless of viscosity, AODD pump technology can minimize energy loss from friction. Diaphragm pumps are designed to build head pressure which is then used to overcome obstacles that create resistance. The head pressure is extra energy directed at these obstacles of resistance instead of overall flow. In a regular diaphragm pump, severe restrictions can be too much for the head pressure and result in ‘dead-head.’ AODD technology allows pumps to overcome ‘dead-head’ without damage to the pump or the system.

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