Education Opportunities at WVCC

education_opportunitiesOur service team is always available for maintenance, repair, and emergencies, but we know emergencies are something you’d rather avoid - not only are they inconvenient, they can be extremely costly to your company. The best way to avoid an expensive shut down or other pump-related problem is to practice proper maintenance and pump handling, and to conduct regular maintenance checks. Knowing proper maintenance and handling the pump appropriately can extend the pump’s life and cut costs.

That said, pump maintenance and repair can take a heavy toll on your budget when you have to hire outside help. So although our small team of factory-trained experts can’t be onsite to check your pump daily, we can provide onsite training on proper pump practices for your team.

“From a supplier standpoint, we are all trained ourselves,” WVCC president Tom Plank says. “Over the course of the last several years, one of the things that West View Cunningham has always taken pride in is that we don’t have much turnover of employees. It’s challenging, but as a result the people that work here are all very well trained.”

We offer several education and training opportunities to ensure your employees know how to properly handle and maintain our products, including 90-minute Lunch & Learn training sessions. We come to your facility prepared to teach with food, powerpoints, and demonstrations. At a recent lunch session, Tom and a member of our service team shared pizza with the maintenance and repair team of a plant while training them on pump maintenance and repair. They brought a sealless pump along with them for the demonstration to give the small class of engineers a hands-on lesson.

“We brought in pizzas, talked about our pumps and demonstrated them for about an hour and a half,” Tom said.

Receiving onsite training from the service team at WVCC is extremely beneficial in the long run. Not only do our customers learn everything they need to know about maintaining their pumps, but they are being taught by industry professionals with years of experience.

You can learn more about our service team and educational opportunities by contacting us!