How to Find the Right Pump

find_right_pumpPumps are essential for moving fluids and gases in many different industrial and manufacturing operations. While most industrial pumps are built to endure the wear and tear of constant pressure and perpetual motion, there’s no harm in being prepared with a backup. Having a pump break down unexpectedly could halt operations, costing you time and money. Here’s what you need to consider when searching for the right replacement or backup pump:

Pump Selection Criteria:

Best efficiency point (BEP)

The best efficiency point or BEP is the design point where the pump operates at maximum efficiency. When selecting a pump, most will choose one with an operating point at or to the left of the BEP. This allows for less energy loss via vibrations or radial forces.

Maximum or minimum impeller trim

The impeller is the rotating “wheel” in a centrifugal pump. It accelerates the fluid outwards from its center rotation by transferring the energy from the motor, driving the pump to the fluid. In general, you shouldn’t get an impeller at maximum trim. Over time many different external factors will influence the system and may alter its size and shape. If you choose a maximum trim impeller, there will be no room for error or size changes over time.

Energy consumption and cost

When deciding between two or more pumps with virtually the same characteristics, you should consider their energy consumption and efficiency. You can weigh your options based on operation costs versus reliability. For example, a high-speed pump may seem like a good idea, but a slower pump could prove more cost-effective in the long run with fewer repairs needed over a longer lifespan. While we know cost will play an important role in your decision, it shouldn’t take precedent over the criteria listed above. You need to find the best pump solution for you regardless of price.

Pump engineers create designs to meet the specific requirements for each of the various industrial processes. Understanding your system and how it relates to these criteria will help you find the right pump for maximum efficiency. If you have trouble determining which pump is right for your operation, feel free to contact us. Our team at West View Cunningham can help you find the right pump solution to meet your needs.