Pump Efficiency: More Green for Your Wallet and Your Community


In the manufacturing process, there are many moving pieces and parts working together to complete different functions and achieve the same goal. Maintaining each piece to perform at maximum efficiency will help increase your profits while also saving energy. When everything works together seamlessly, you and your community can benefit. You can start measuring the efficiency of your process by checking the performance of the centrifugal pump. Here’s what you need to know about pump efficiency:

Measuring Efficiency

Measuring the efficiency of any machine is a simple concept. Efficiency is how well your pump converts one form of energy to another, so you’re essentially checking how the input energy compares to the output energy. A centrifugal pump takes mechanical energy and converts it to hydraulic energy. The shaft or input power of the pump takes the mechanical energy and converts it to water or input power and hydraulic energy. The process can be calculated with this equation:

Ef = Pw/Ps

where Ef represents efficiency, Pw represents water power, and Ps represents shaft power. You can improve the efficiency of your pump with proper selection and maintenance.

Attaining Pump Efficiency

Selecting the right pump for your specific requirements is the first step to achieving pump energy efficiency. Finding the best efficiency point (BEP) and understanding how the impeller trim impacts overall performance will help you determine what type and size pump you need. Impeller flow is influenced by several different factors and parts of the pump such as rotational speed, impeller diameter, head and flow rate, and peripheral velocity.

Maintaining pump efficiency will help you save money and can lower greenhouse emissions. Achieving energy efficiency is a simple way you can improve your manufacturing process, reduce the risk of your pump breaking down or becoming damaged, and maximize profits while doing your part for the environment.

After years of experience, the experts at West View Cunningham understand this better than anyone. Measuring efficiency and servicing your pump to achieve energy efficiency can get complicated, so commissioning the assistance of a professional can ensure this process gives you the most accurate understanding of your system and how to improve it. You can contact us if you have questions about pump efficiency or if you need trained technicians to assist you as you measure your pump’s performance.