Safety First with Sealless Pumps

safety-firstMaintaining safe working conditions isn’t just important for keeping your employees safe and productive. It’s also beneficial for the environment. Pump system design has always focused on utility, function, and the safety of those working with the equipment. Today, it also makes protecting the environment a top priority.

When you’re moving harmful chemicals and dangerous fluids, you should select a pump that can accommodate those fluids. While it doesn’t seem like one leaky pump can do much damage, there are thousands of pumps in use all over the country. If a majority of those pumps are leaking pollutants into the atmosphere, you could be contributing to a much larger problem than you think. Fortunately, you have more options than ever before when it comes to environmentally-friendly pump system designs.

After low-emissions mechanical seals were first introduced in the 1980s, zero-emission pump designs quickly followed, one of which was the sealless pump. Sealless pumps are simpler and require less maintenance than traditional pump systems that incorporated low-emission seals. True to their name, sealless pumps eliminate the need for a seal. Instead of a dynamic seal that’s prone to leakage, they use a static containment shroud that forms a tight seal around the pressure boundary of the pump. Magnetic drive pumps and canned motor pumps are two types that make great alternatives to pumps with dynamic seals.

When you choose a sealless pump, you also:

  • Reduce Environmental Impact. Because sealless pumps eliminate the need for a seal, they also eliminate the possibility of leakage. Without a seal to wear down, these pumps don’t leak hazardous fluids and materials into the atmosphere. A sealless pump can help you reduce your plant’s gas emissions and meet your required environmental standards.
  • Put Safety First. Aside from helping you reduce greenhouse emissions, sealless pumps are also safe for your employees. Our planet isn’t the only thing that suffers when a pump releases harmful gases. You can make your work environment safer for employees by selecting a pump that doesn’t leak dangerous materials.
  • Save Money. Sealless pumps require less maintenance, making them highly cost-effective. On the contrary, dynamic seals tend to face more wear and tear than other parts of a pump which makes them higher maintenance than sealless pumps. Instead of spending your budget on regular seal maintenance or replacements, you can save money with a sealless pump.

If you have questions about sealless pumps and whether they’re right for you, feel free to contact us!