Sealless Hot Oil Pumps Offer Low Maintenance & Improved Safety in Wide Range of Industrial Applications

If you work in a manufacturing environment involving high-temperature applications (500°-800°F), there’s an excellent chance that you’re using hot oil pumps to heat resins, dryers or other materials or equipment used in your production process.

October 2021 HMD Kontro Pump PhotoSealless magnetic drive pumps, such as the HMD Kontro pictured, offer these benefits:

  • Zero Emissions
  • No Mechanical Seals
  • Reparable Onsite
  • No Cooling Required
  • Safer Operation

Vibration Analysis Photo #3 (November 2020 Newsletter)When it comes to maintenance, sealless magnetic drive pumps offer efficiency, reliability and low maintenance. There are no mechanical seals that can leak, and they can be repaired onsite.  HMD Kontro offers parts interchangeability across several models. 150# and 300# suction and discharge flanges are readily available, depending upon system requirements.

Our diagnostics capabilities to help you prevent and solve issues related to optimization of hot oil pumps and pumping systems include monitoring:

  • Vibration
  • Power Control
  • Flow
  • Pressure

Key Specifications

CS Range Pump (October 2021 Newsletter)The HMD Kontro CS (Chemical Service Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump) pictured can:

  • Flow up to 1,760 GPM
  • Head to 490 ft.
  • Operate at Temperatures Ranging from -112° to 850°F

HMD Kontro invented sealless technology more than 70 years ago and remains the gold standard in hot oil pumps and in other kinds of sealless pumps due to ongoing investments in R&D.

The most common hot oil applications for our customers include:

  • Chemical Manufacturing & Processing
  • General Industrial
  • Midstream Natural Gas Production
  • Chemical and Oil & Gas (November 2020 Newsletter)-1OEM Systems

Other applications for which hot oil pumps can be used include:

  • Autoclaves
  • Building Heaters
  • Calendar Roll Heating
  • Oil & Gas Processing PlantCrude Oil Heating
  • Heated Molds or Dies
  • In-Line Gas Heating
  • In-Line Liquid Heating
  • Indirect Steam Generators
  • Jacketed Vessel Heating
  • Natural Gas Heating
  • AutoclavesOvens & Fryers
  • Platen/Press Heating
  • Process Reboilers
  • Reactor Vessel Heating
  • Suction Heating
  • Tank Heating

A Practical Alternative

If you’re using a Dean Pump or any other mechanical sealed pump, consider switching to a sealless pump to improve workplace safety (no hot oil leaking on the shop floor when a seal breaks) and reduce the probability of downtime.

Long Configuration (October 2021 eNewsletter)Such periods of inactivity could be extensive given that many mechanical sealed pumps are manufactured overseas and must be sent abroad for maintenance and repair that can take weeks or months.

In fact, the reduction or elimination of downtime with a sealless pump can provide you with an ROI period as short as one year!

At West View Cunningham, we can help you choose the best hot oil pumps or pumping systems for your application based on these characteristics of the oil you’re handling:

  • Clean
  • Dirty
  • High Viscosity
  • Low Viscosity

By using the proper hot oil pump in your manufacturing or processing environment, you’ll avoid experiencing dry running, deadheading, excessive solids buildup and other conditions that can damage your pumps and cause expensive downtime.

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