WVCC Product Spotlight: HMD Kontro & Price Pump

kontro_priceThis month we are highlighting HMD Kontro and Price Pump. Both of these successful companies come from a solid foundation of creating pump products to better serve the industrial fields while focusing on the importance of customer service.


HMD Kontro

HMD Kontro’s innovative background is what makes it stand out from the rest. More than 60 years ago, Sundyne subsidiary HMD Pumps pioneered the sealless magnetic drive, breaking new territory in fluid handling technology. It was about 10 years ago that Sundyne merged HMD with the U.S. company Kontro to create Sundyne HMD Kontro, which is now one of the most dependable pump manufacturers in the industry today.

HMD’s sealless magnetic drive design is another reason why we are proud to partner with this company. HMD Kontro Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps are beneficial in many ways. For example, these pumps offer no risk of emissions or leaks. With no seals, and streamlined components used across the entire Sundyne sealless pump line, your spare parts stock is kept to an all-time minimum. These advantages mean fewer costs,less lost time, and maximum efficiency and productivity.


Price Pump

Founded in 1932, Price Pump’s main focus was manufacturing agricultural pumps. In the 1960’s, the company saw a need for small stainless steel pumps and, under new leadership, took the opportunity to change its priority from agriculture to industrial and special-purpose pumps. Since then, Price Pump has constantly adapted to the evolving needs of the pump industry.

By applying standard pump design to original and innovative pump applications and methods, Price Pump was able to continue its success in various fields such as environmental cleanup. In 1994, the company made headway with the introduction of multiple magnetically driven sealless pump models. Nowadays, Price Pump continues to focus on creating products that are competitive with other top pump manufacturers, as well as maintaining great customer/client relationships with fast deliveries and excellent customer service.

Both of these companies demonstrate the values, background, and experience that we at WVCC take pride in displaying on a daily basis. HMD Kontro’s groundbreaking technologies and discoveries years ago, and Price Pump’s ongoing dedication to create innovative products, makes these two companies great organizations to partner with.

For more information about the HMD Kontro or Price Pump’s products we offer, visit our products page or call us to inquire at (724) 307-3773!